Jim's approach is distinctive in five key ways:

1.  Focus on impact.  The elegance of the solution is far less important than whether and when it will have positive, sustaining impact on the individual(s) and/or the organization

2.  Personalized and tailored to the situation.  While past experience is a useful guide, no cookie cutter solutions exist for the problems in all organizations

3.  Hands-on.  This is not an arm’s length relationship between consultant and the client organization

4.  Practical and pragmatic, not theoretical.  A focus on what will work day-to-day in user-friendly language and style

5.  Inspired creativity drives innovation in thinking about the organization’s problem, leading to imaginative ways in which the issues can be overcome and new directions taken

CLIENTS - Representative Examples




  • For a newly created business unit of Fortune 500:  led a multi-tier leadership development program for executive team (helping them become collaborative high performance team and build people leadership skills to supplement top-notch technology capability) and for high-potential middle management level (helping them build people management capability and skill, including leadership, coaching, development, communications, and the like)

  • For a globally dispersed functional leadership team within a consulting firm: helped them move from individual subject matter experts and federation of individual contributors to an integrated, high performing collaborative group – a role model for the overall organization

  • For a consulting firm: designed an overall learning curriculum for all staff, from newest hires to those just before election to partnership.  Curriculum covered: problem solving, communications, management & teamwork, client relationship building, and functional skills.  Formulated to strengthen connectivity and commitment to the organization, beyond individual capability-building

  • For two private equity firms, three consulting firms, a business information services organization, and two Fortune 500 SBUs: coached individual executives and high potential senior managers on strengthening individual leadership profiles and building management skills.  After 360 degree feedback collection and synthesis, developed high impact plans of action for each advisee and helped them grow measurably on key dimensions

  • For a business information services organization: designed and implemented a two-year development program for high potential, mid-tenure managers.  Core components included: series of workshops and retreats, a personalized round of 360 feedback and coaching, mentor relationships with top executives, and high visibility task force assignments and goals

  • For a financial services firm: worked with general counsel of business unit on leadership style and impact.  Additionally, helped build capability across entire legal team through series of management development and business basics skill-building workshops

  • For two private equity firms and a Fortune 500 SBU:  1) Worked with the business unit leadership team on interpersonal dynamics and strengthening their profile of leadership for the overall business group.  Individual coaching and collective advising were core elements.  2)  Collaborated in developing effective team communications across entire business unit, culminating in an off-site workshop and series of exercises with high impact on day-to-day activities

  • For a consulting firm’s administrative leadership teams (ten different functional groups) and a client engagement team:  helped the team overcome interpersonal style differences, oversized egos in conflict, and overlapping turfs resulting in tensions and suboptimal client/stakeholder service.  Through a series of full team interviews and working sessions with leadership and with the entire team, articulated key issues, outlined potential solution opportunities, and agreed a plan of action

  • Extensive experience in one-on-one executive coaching assignments, with mid and senior leaders – typically within professional services firms (consulting, legal, business services).  Focal points include: communications skills, presence and impact, leadership style, interpersonal dynamics, team building, and career development platform